Different Face Fit Hat

People's faces are egg-shaped, fat, square and fonts. Fat people face if Dai Yuan CAP will face big hat little, if we choose a large cap on the right. Becomes face egg-shaped face who wears a cap on more small, greater weight loss. Use dome CAP is more appropriate.

Round face: the face looks less full, can fit a long Cap Crown with asymmetrical brim, which can increase the length of the face, looked solid.

Triangle face: because of the pointed chin, so the top hat Crown or short asymmetrical brim, is a good choice for, people ignore the pointy Chin.

Face and face people choose Sun Hat is relatively easy. Square face: prominent Hat Crown and irregular edges can make a square face look softer. Long shaped face: due to the curvature of the face is narrow, so the modest Crown of hat is particularly important, should not have the brim too narrow.