According To Colour Selection Cap

Contrast color combination is the key to popularity, hats and clothing color difference is large, is likely to figure high. Hats and clothing with the color, but gives long impression. The color looking for fixing of hats, yellow face is not suitable for yellow and green colors, optional gray powder colour. Colour black or white candidates have greater room for manoeuvre.

Red-skinned people, select Sun Hat a wider range of colors, with a lot of color harmony. Pale-skinned people, suitable for use of high purity intermediate colors, jade, stone green, light blue, Brown, lavender, etc, do not select too gorgeous color.

White-skinned people, more Hat color as well, but since white skin is easily very weak, so when choosing a hat, choose white or near-white color should be avoided. People with dark skin in the choose brightly colored hats, when to pay attention to the overall effect of clothing.

Yellow-skinned people should not wear yellow, Green Hat, but if it turns dark brown, Purple Lotus, green-grey, Mi Hui-colored hat and dress appropriate match, we can achieve better results.