How to choose perfect Bandana

Bandana has been an adjunct employed by several for the last number of decades. Originally bandanas were used for covering the heads and neck not for fashion except for protecting functions. Workers, laborers, dancers, soldiers, room workers and lots of people used it to hide their heads and necks, so as to forestall hair and sweat from heavy them.

Bandanas square measure on the market purchasable in varied colours, sizes and designs. once you square measure selecting your hanky, keep this stuff in mind if you're quality conscious:



Bandanas square measure on the market in varied materials admire cotton, lawn, linen, silk, nylon et al. once you square measure selecting one for yourself, ensure that you just decide the proper one consistent with the atmospheric phenomenon at your finish. as an instance you're reaching to wear it at a sports operate wherever there's an opportunity of hot heat and bright sun, then you higher decide the one that is created of sunshine cotton; cotton can forestall the sun to directly hit your head yet as its ability to breathe won't cause a lot of sweat.


Consider the scale before you purchase one. There square measure completely different sizes that you just will notice them in. Some is also too little for you, whereas some is also large. Thus, build an accurate selection.

Machine washable 

Choose to decide those that square measure machine cleanable so it's simple for you to clean them; since you'll oft ought to wash them for sweat and dirt.


For summers, opt for lighter colours whereas for winters opt for a lot of darker colours. There square measure few bandanas on the market in plain colors; most of them are available in prints. you'll notice the prints of assorted varieties admire country flags, floral, abstract then on.


bandanas square measure terribly practical, and square measure usually wet before being pleated into an extended band, that is worn tied round the forehead. this sort of hanky folding serves 2 functions. It keeps the top a touch cooler, and keeps sweat out of your eyes once enjoying or operating within the heat.

The use of those colourful squares is on the rise! but you select to use them, hanky folding is that the key to their practicality.

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