Don't wear jewelry, wear socks to bed is harmful to health!

After all socks is not good, because you think, skin to breathe at night, especially the feet, being confined to the day the air.

Such not only may effect feet Department breathable, if cheap in street buy has 10 Yuan 5 double of socks, quality Kan worries, sucking Khan effect breathable effect too poor, double feet temperature may will so too increased and sweating, inferior socks not sucking Khan, this hot and humid environment is bacteria and fungi June of heaven! so you may have not to sweet of sleep, only ended up peeling, and foot Tinea, and baking has a quilt of smell of tragic ending.

So, for people with foot sweat, or the next "lost" buy a good pair of socks, specialized in sleep wear, wash drying sterilization; either don't wear socks to sleep, it is not, stepped on a hot-water bags, electric blankets and feasible approach, or hard points, fetch some hot water to soak feet before going to bed.