Choose socks for baby, don't blame me for not telling you this!

1, pay attention to texture and size of the socks

Baby socks cotton fabric is appropriate. Do not give your baby to wear nylons, nylon stockings tight, baby foot sweat, high risk for athlete's foot. Sock sizes will fit, far left, small will affect the development of the foot. So, socks to change even though small.

2 several socks, baby needs

Non-slip socks: socks soles with soft adhesive graphics, can prevent the baby fell at run time, to pay attention to non-slip socks wearing socks is, try not to wear shoes.

Cotton socks: suitable for spring and autumn wear, while it's still cold, but can also be worn until spring, 100% of the best selection of cotton quality socks.

Wool socks: suitable for winter wear socks and have some degree of flexibility, the main ingredients are wool and cotton, do not select high stretch tight acrylic socks.