Better socks, faster runner

Runners can be grateful for many people, places, things, and experiences. One of the "lowliest" things is a pair of running socks -- small and usually out of sight. Consider these thoughts of gratitude around your running socks:

I am truly grateful that I have socks to support my running.

It is wonderful to slip into a comfortable pair of running socks.

My running socks make me look forward to getting dressed for my run.

I love to peel off my socks at the end of a long run.


I am grateful for the way that the heels of my socks cushion the heels of my feet.

I am thankful for the way that the toes of my socks wrap around and protect the toes of my feet.

Gratitude barely begins to describe how great I feel when I run with my socks.

The ability of my socks to wick perspiration away from my feet makes me feel gratitude to the fabric scientists who researched and developed the science and technology to make this possible.

I love the way that my running socks keep my tender feet relatively dry, so that my feet rarely, if ever, become chafed or develop painful blisters.


I am very grateful for how my socks make my running shoes last longer and stay relatively odor-free.

I am thankful that my running socks can go through wash cycle after wash cycle and continue to support my running for mile after mile and week after week.

I feel gratitude for the way that my running socks protect not only my feet but also my ankles -- and make me look stylish, too!

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