Fingerless Knit Gloves

Product Details

Product features:

1. This Fingerless Knit Glove has a double-layered wristband that is flexible and locks in warmth. Its wrist is made of elastic, so it is very convenient to wear. It chose a good material when it was made. The material used in this glove is skin-friendly, so it absorbs the perspiration layer and gives your hands no sweat.

2. Fingerless Knit Glove has a double pleated elastic wrist that holds the glove around the skin. This fingerless glove allows you to move your fingers so that you can work easily while you are warm. It is woven from high-quality materials, so it keeps warm.

How to choose the right glove size:

Palm circumference:

Use a soft ruler (such as the left picture attached to the palm of your hand), attach it around the arc of the thumb and forefinger, and measure it in parallel.

Middle finger length:

It is recommended to use a hard ruler (such as the left figure attached to the middle finger), and the center measurement from the finger to the arc, and measure vertically.


1. Product Name

Fingerless knit gloves

2.Technical Details

1).Thesefingerless knit gloves will make your hands warm while you're enjoying your time with your  touch screen device.

2).Works with all touch screen type devices.
3).Protect your screen from scratches, unwanted fingerprints, and dust by using these smart touch gloves.
4)client design, elastic abundance fell comfortable.

3. Size

3 sizes for choice: S-18*11CM;  M-20*12CM;  L-22*12CM , All size of Heated fleece glove can be customized.

4. Material

Acrylic main body & electrical and thermal conductivity fibers on fingertips of glove

5. Printing

Rubber printing / Woven label/ Embroidery logo

6. MOQ

1000 pairs

8. Payment Terms

T/T / PayPal / L/C